Rules & Guidelines

These are the rules and guidelines followed across the site and are subjected to change.

1.) All celebrities and personalities posted here must be aged 18 and above. Also, users have to be 18 and above too.

2.) Comments containing bigotry, racism, or attacking other members will be removed. Brigading or any other negative entity is strictly forbidden.

3.) Use approved hosts only. You can use the built-in uploaders or refer to the bottom of this page to see all the approved hosts. Don’t ever use hosts that are built with the intent to steal user information. If you’re unsure, you are free to ask in the “Help & Suggestions” section.

4.) Use proper tags with correct spelling. If you made a typo in the tags go back and re-correct it, this allows proper archival of images. Post in the appropriate sections, if you’re only posting gifs, then post it in the gif section of each board.

5.) This is a niche board for sharing and archiving of celebrity content and won’t have features of full-fledged forums.

6.) Posting big galleries need you to either just post a link to the imgur album or you can use an approved image host but make sure to post thumbnails.

Approved Hosts

For Individual Images

  • you can use the for direct anonymous image upload to imgur.
  • (only if it’s not too explicit, I mean if you’re posting stuff which is published on social media platforms then It usually doesn’t violate any TOS of image hosts, but just self moderate)

For Albums

  • and are much better than imgur for this. But you are free to use post an imgur album too.
  • If you’re using imagebam and postimage and posting huge galleries make sure to post the thumbnails that link to the images instead.

For Gifs

  • Any of approved image host that allows animated gifs.

Avoid using : for now as they’re very unstable right now.